About Us


At Tiny Polkadots we pride ourselves on having the perfect gifts for babies, boys and girls. We see childhood as a time of exploration, learning and having fun. All of our children’s products, toys and clothing are carefully selected with this in mind. Everything in our store is beautifully crafted, practical and waiting to be treasured.

Parenthood is made up of the most precious and most exhausting moments of your life. We want to make you feel special too. At Tiny Polkadots you will find help and understanding from people who think being a mum, dad or Grandparent is the most important job in the world.

Our business is founded on three basic values: service to our customers, a quality shopping experience and a warm personal welcome. Our adherence to these principles has created a unique work culture at Tiny Polkadots. No matter where you go - to any of our stores - our people live these values.

  • Service to our customers
  • A Quality shopping experience
  • Warmth and Kindness

Our basic values are built on a foundation of integrity. That integrity underpins everything that we do.

  • We are always honest, tell the truth and keep our word.
  • We are considerate of the feelings of others and respect their choices
  • We are responsible for our own choices and actions